At Practical Peace Massage Therapy, my mission is to help reduce your stress, relieve your pain, to increase your relaxation and overall well-being with emphasis on a practical outlook.  

No woo here, just simple, practical massage therapy.

Practical Peace was founded in 2011 by Christine Schmidt, Registered Massage Therapist

Registered with Remedial Massage Therapists Association - RMTA  Member #379

I offer two very different styles of massage therapy: Classic Massage & On-site Mobile Seated Chair Massage 



Classic Massage

What most people think of when they book a massage is what I call a Classic massage.  Massage Therapy is performed in a relaxing, soothing environment within my evidence-based practice.  I offer pleasant background music, a heated table and I use all natural oils (contains no mineral oils or parabens or allergens). 

Massages are available in three lengths: approximately 30, 45, 60 min. Following your treatment you will be allowed to relax for a few minutes without feeling rushed.  Please allow sufficient time for your appointment.  You can expect to arrive 5 minutes early - (10 minutes for your first session) to allow time to fill in the paperwork. This allows time to discuss your current condition, and any changes in your lifestyle that may be affecting you.  Allow for 10 minutes following your session for payment and re-booking. 

On-Site Mobile Chair Massage

Also called seated massage, this style has been gaining more popularity recently as companies realize that improving employee productivity and maintaining healthy employees, benefits the bottom line.  Since I bring the massage to the office, the workflow can continue with very little interruption.  Practical Peace - even for busy people. 

Here's a scenario where an employee may want to choose chair massage:

Mrs. G has been having a very trying week as Executive Office Manager, her stress levels are high and her hands hurt & the headaches are getting so bad she feels she needs to take a day (or more) off of work to recover.  This results in lost productivity, and delays to payroll employees.  She has a recommendation to try massage therapy for her stress and headaches. 

Option 1: Classic Massage -   A 60 minute massage means that she will be gone from work for at least an 1.5 hours, maybe more.  This is difficult to find time for during this very busy week.  She will have to work hard to make up for the lost hours, perhaps staying late or coming in early, or even working through lunch. 

Option 2: On-site Massage - During her coffee break, a therapist brings a strange looking chair into her office.  For 15 or 20 minutes, she has focused massage on her neck, back, arms & hands. After a short break to fix her makeup, if necessary,  Mrs. G goes right back to work, her headache is gone and her hands feel so much better.  Mrs. G decides to book a standing weekly appointment to attempt to better manage her stress levels & reduce her repetitive strain injuries.