It's awesome.  It really is. 

A Jade stone massage uses heated and cooled jade stones, for a thoroughly relaxing treatment.  Heated stones allow for faster access to deeper tissues with less pain.  Cooled stones reduce inflammation and pain in tender, hot areas.  Heated and cooled stones are often used together as a vascular pump to improve your circulation in the target area, relieving tension and relaxing muscles.  This is a head to toe luxurious treatment (literally, I even have little stones that go right between your toes!)

Full Jade Stone Treatments are $95 / 1 hour,  


How is this different from other hot stone therapies? 

Well, am I glad you asked. 

The Jade stones are smooth, polished nephritic jade.  The stones vary in size and shape, most of them have edges or corners, and round smooth surfaces.  This allows me to use them as extensions of my hands, getting into nooks & crannies in your musculature.  I use them to massage, not merely as placement stones.     
Most registered massage therapists can use any stone in this way.  Estheticians are not trained to do a therapeutic treatment, so stone massages done by them are of the "relaxation" variety.

Basalt stones hold heat a long time, but they aren't as smooth, and they can be harder to clean.  Marble is good at holding cold, but doesn't tolerate heat well. The mineral composition of the Jade stones allows them to be both heated and cooled, and easily cleaned.  The larger size of some of the stones allows them to hold the heat longer.  All the best properties. 


What if I'm not sure I'll like them, or a full Jade Massage isn't in my budget?

Try a DELUXE massage!  Only $5 more than the CLASSIC massage, I use up to 10 heated jade in your most tense and troubled areas.  This feels really really good on your tight muscles.  The heat allows the muscles to relax faster so that I can get to the deeper tissues, with less pain and irritation for you.  


Have more questions about Jade Massages?  Let me know, I'll put the more frequently asked ones up here.