Wow.  So many Benefits.  If I put them all here, we'll just end up with a very intimidating wall of text.  I will try to be succinct.

Massage at Your Workplace

Are you looking for a way to increase employee productivity, boost morale or are searching for that special way to say thank you?  Who isn't?  Maybe you weren't looking for that expressly, but maybe you just want to see what the fuss is about?  Chair massage in your workplace, whether corporate or employee sponsored increases job satisfaction, improves morale and motivation, and stimulates productivity. 

What does this really mean for you?  Happier, healthier employees means fewer sick days, less grousing in the office, staff who actually look forward to coming to work, and when they do work, its better quality work, with fewer errors. 

Frequent workplace complaints:  Headaches, sore neck, sore shoulders, sore arms/hands/wrists, sore back.  Stress and/or fatigue. 


What is Chair Massage?

Chair Massage is a brief massage which:

  • is done while you sit in a specially designed massage chair
  • is given by a licensed professional massage practitioner
  • takes only as long as the average coffee break (typically 15 minutes)
  • uses no oil, and is applied directly through clothing
  • normally addresses the head, neck, shoulder, back, arms and hand, and can be adapted to your needs
  • is inexpensive and convenient
  • leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


How does Chair Massage help You?

Chair massage can relieve mental and physical stress, leaving you feeling rested and energized. This type of massage:

  • reduces muscle tension and the pain it causes
  • helps prevent minor stresses from developing into major issues
  • calms the nervous system
  • boosts energy and alertness
  • provides a complete change of pace for body and mind.


How do I book?

CALL ME!  OR use the Contact form.  OR Text message, OR Facebook. 

In general I do require a minimum 3 sessions per visit. Sometimes I can grant an exception to this, but it's rare.  A Session is considered 15 minutes. 

Check out the Chair Massage rate details page for more info on booking.