Chair Massage

All Clients must complete a health history form prior to their massage. Chair Massages are $20 per massage session (approx. 15 minutes).

Advance Booking*

To book Chair Massage at your event or workplace, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required. When requesting an appointment through this website, or via e-mail, your appointment is not considered confirmed until you receive a confirmation call*.

  • I provide all massage equipment.
  • You provide a minimum 5x5 ft space to work. (Your average office works fine. If your office chair fits, my massage chair should too. Coffee rooms work great!)
  • Company sponsored - $70 per hour (3 hour MAX)
  • Employee paid - $20 per 15 minute massage
  • One hour minimum - Three hour maximum for both Company or Employee paid services (Short break times needed after each 1.5 hour period.) Contact me for full day rates.
  • Three to four 15 min massages can be performed per hour. For larger organizations employee paid service should have minimum nine sign ups with a waiting list for best results.

Events/Functions/Corporate Bookings outside city limits: Contact for more information.  Generally a four hour minimum - six hour maximum per day + travel costs. Events closer to town may have a reduced minimum.

Sign up sheet (fillable PDF)


Estimated Travel Costs

  • Travel is $.60 / km
  • Hotel: $150 / night
  • Additional meals: (gluten free required) $12.00 / meal
  • Basic /km travel costs includes fuel & one meal.  

Additional meals, if required will be charged at the above rate. The /km charge may be reduced in the event of fuel prices drop more than $0.10/liter.

These costs are ONLY an estimate provided for your convenience when determining a budget for your program.  For actual accurate travel costs to your location, many more factors are taken into consideration.