Classic Swedish Massage

(In Studio)

As of Jan 1, 2018, rates have been changed to reflect the local market.

All Clients must complete a health history form prior to their massage.  Please allow sufficient time for your session. I highly recommend updating your paperwork online in your account on our massagebook system.  Session lengths are approximate, I may occasionally run a few minutes over depending on your needs.  Allow 10 minutes following your session to take care of payment, re-booking & after care discussion. 

Classic Massage Therapy is a blend of traditional Swedish techniques and modern therapeutic techniques in a treatment customized for your needs.  This treatment is intended to relax, restore, and reduce pain and stress.  Ideal for depression, and anxiety, massage is also great for headache management, and a variety of muscular issues (low back pain caused by tension for example) Massage isn't a cure-all and I don't pretend it is.  Come in for a practical solution to pain management without any of the woo. 


  • $50 / 30 min
  • $65 / 45 min
  • $80 / 60 min 


Deluxe Massage Add-ons


Add $5 to any regular massage service, to try a "sample size" of the heated jade stones.  Instead of a full body jade treatment, the stones are  used to massage the target area relieving tension, and relaxing the muscles. 


Quiet Time

Add $5 to any regular massage and get up to 15 minutes of "Quiet Time" to rest, and relax.  Let's face it, you just want a nap after a great massage.