Jade Stone Massage

(In Studio)

All Clients must complete a health history form prior to their initial massage.  Please allow sufficient time for your session. Arrive at least 5 minutes early for your first appointment to fill in paperwork.  Session lengths are approximate, I may occasionally run a few minutes over depending on your needs.  Allow 10 minutes following your session to take care of payment, re-booking & after care discussion. 

A Jade stone massage uses heated and cooled jade stones, for a thoroughly relaxing treatment.  Heated stones allow for faster access to deeper tissues with less pain.  Cooled stones reduce inflammation and pain in tender, hot areas.  Heated and cooled stones are often used together as a vascular pump to improve your circulation in the target area, relieving tension and relaxing muscles.  This is a head to toe luxurious treatment (literally, I even have little stones that go right between your toes!)


  • $95 / 1 hour Jade Stone


Deluxe Massage Add-ons

Not sure if you are wanting an entire Jade Stone treatment?  For only $5, you can add a "Sample size" selection of Jade stones (up to 10) to any regular Classic Massage treatment.  Get the benefit of the Heated Jade on your trouble spots, without the cost of the full treatment. 

Quiet Time

Add 15 minutes of Quiet time after your massage to Rest, Relax and Restore.  (Go ahead and take a nap.  You know you want to.)